When the telephone was first invented, lives got way easier. People who had never thought of being able to communicate from remote locations, were amazed with this great invention. Since the day we have got phone devices, there have been several improvements. Remember the old-age phone and compare it with what we have today. The change is big time! Today’s Smartphones have made things not just easy, but super-interesting too.

Today we have hundreds of Smartphone model up in the market. These are being offered by several manufacturers under different brand names. Motorola is a popular Smartphone maker that has launched over 100 different models till date. One of its recent offerings, the moto X, is an awesome mobile with great design and features.

Assembled in USA, moto X is a battery-friendly phone that responds to the voice and issues discrete notifications to keep you updated 24×7. The phone has both rear (10 MP) and front (2 MP) camera from which pictures can be taken with just the wrist’s twist. As an all Android phone, the moto X gives you access to all Google apps and games.

While you enjoy all the features of your new phone, there’s a freedom you’ve been missing. Yes, you are yet not free to use any SIM card you desire. And to be able to do that, you need to get your moto X unlocked.

What’s unlocking?

mobile unlock

When you purchase s Smartphone, it is technically locked making it compatible to be used with only one network connection. To be able to use any worldwide SIM, unlocking is important. This is easy and can be done by purchasing a uniquely identified 16-digit unlock code.

What are the benefits of unlocking?

Unlocking gives you great, real-time benefits. Not just it helps you to use any universal network; it also increases the resale value of your device. In addition, you’d really thank yourself for getting your device unlocked when you’re flying abroad. In such scenarios, the ease to switch to a local connection will save you from huge roaming bills. Unlocking is also preferred because it is a onetime process, thus making you free forever to use any network service.

And in case you are apprehensive of getting the moto X unlocked, you’d be happy to know that unlocking is a legal process. It is also a quick activity that can be easily done online.

What is the method of unlocking?

If you wish to unlock your moto X, the process is simple and fast. Just obtain your phone’s IMEI number by dialing *#06# from your keypad. Secondly look online for a reputable third party agency that unlock Motorola cell phones. Such websites usually ask for your IMEI number, current network connection and email ID when you place the order. Mention all the details asked for, make the payment and soon you will get the unlock code on your email. While you change the SIM card to a non-accepted one, enter this code when your phone asks for it.

What precautions should be taken?

Unlocking is like a cake-walk, so there is nothing much to be worried about. However it is important to keep three things in mind. Firstly ensure that the IMEI number you enter is correct. Secondly, the network name you mention should be the one you are currently using. Lastly, do check how many attempts are left to enter the code. In case it is ‘zero’, do not place your order.