As the topic speaks itself about the success of Google Nexus. Does it excites you if we tell Google’s Second Generation Nexus 7 is the top most sold product in all Korea? Yes, you are reading it right!! Such huge turnover by Google has already caused Doomed days inside LG’s and Samsung’s office.

How a Scratch new Product became the King!!

Coming to the details of this story, According to statement issues by Nexus Officials, around 200,000 units of the Nexus 7 have been sold in November 2014, none but three months after its release in August making 300o-4000 units sell per day, creating new heights of successes in Korea.

According to the sources of the statement on 18 November, also furnished the facts that Nexus 7 seems to be selling almost doubled devices as compared to its 2012 version Nexus 6 that sold only 100,000 units so far, making a clear entry to be the next big player in the Market.

What Customers say about Nexus!!

Customer feedback seems to be Positive and in favor of new Nexus model, who are satisfied with its better distribution channels, Price competitiveness, quality, Reliability and high resolution touch system. An industry source said, “The first generation Nexus 7 was available only online, but the second-generation was viral on both Online and Offline mediums. Also, these stars in the pocket makes Nexus 7 second-generation best in Korea in terms of Price and Quality”

If we talk of Tablet market, even there Nexus 7 second-generation seems to be beating the Giants of the industry like Samsung’s Galaxy Tab and LG’s G Pad, making its sales higher and Revenues healthier than ever. If we talk with common customers, then it is of general opinion that;

“Google flagship products like Nexus 7 is twice of Samsung and LG products”

 Why Nexus is a Big Success???

This seems to be the most obvious popped up question whenever we talks in favor of any brand, product of Service and the question is “Why is it so?” , “Why it is best?” , “Why it generates higher Revenues? “ Or “Why it’s a big success?” Below discussed are the few reasons that makes Nexus far better against its competitors;


When you can get Android 5.0 Lollipop and features of Samsung Note3 and Apple’s i6 in your own Nexus 7 second-generation at far cheaper rates, then this is really a great reason for such huge success of Nexus.


Google seems to grab every market in which it enters. Whether it is search engine, blog engine, Play store or Nexus. Every Product seems to be adding stars in the Portfolio for Google. So how can Nexus not meet expectations of its producer? Yes, it surely does. An official commented; “Both Nexus 7 and Nexus 5 are affordable and high-performance devices. Although Google does not jump aggressively in the market, but it has good future prospects to be a big Player and can diversify its Product range”.

It’s Fast- End of Story!!

When talking about Nexus, we should keep in mind. It works faster than blinking and load pages before breathing. The Nexus contains the Tegra 3 system-on-chip, which includes a quad-core CPU and a 12-core GPU. This is good to play heavy android multiple apps at the same time. Having 024,000 pixels (1,280×800 resolution) is an added star.

In a nutshell, it won’t leave you testing your patience while staring impatiently at the phone to load the screen, and toying your thumb while it opens large files and apps. Simply, it’s the best Device at the best rates!!!