Nokia Lumia 925 can be declared as the most innovative mobile of the world. It has the world’s best smartphone on its back with a stunning aluminum based design. It also has a great HD screen with a beautiful thin body.

Lumia’s stunning camera:

You can save the best moments of your life by using Lumia 925. Its camera can capture pictures in low light with some prefect clarity. It has a 8.7MP camera. Its ingenious camera takes a burst of snaps when you press the button and then allows to you to select the picture which you want through a simple user interface. In simple words, it means that while taking the picture, if someone had closed his eyes then you can alter his face. You can also take an action shot which combines a lot of images. Moreover, you can also remove items of your choice from you photo. If it happened that while taking the picture someone randomly appeared in your picture, you can simply remove him from the picture. Its camera can capture your precious moments of life even in low light.

The stunning camera of Lumia 925 is not the end of the story. The design of Lumia 925 is a product of years of design and research of Nokia’s engineers. The camera’s body is beautiful combination of aluminium and polycarbonate.

The camera has a great 4.5 inch PureMotin HD+ screen. The games and the movies look stunning to the onlookers on the Lumia’s screen. The mobile has ClearBlack technology which improves the quality of display and makes it look crispy.

The HEREMaps:

This mobile also has HERE Maps along with LiveSight. HEREMaps is the only mobile application that provides the facility of offline mapping to the user. The HEREMaps turn your mobile into a satellite navigation camera. You can get the directions of whichever the destination you want and whenever you want. On the other hand, LiveSight technology uses the HERECity application. Like the Google Maps, LiveSight technology tells you about the bars, cafes, restaurants and shopping centers in your vicinity on your map. You just tap on the building whose info you want to get and the mobile will display you its all contact info, opening and closing times and above all, reviews of other users.

Most importantly, this mobile runs Windows. Microsoft keeps on adding new features and applications to this Windows platform.