It is not that easy to upgrade the memory of the notebook computer by the proper version in the emerging propagation of laptop and computers in the market.

There are various kinds of memory available in the market so it is necessary that one should select an appropriate and well matched memory for the note book computer. Memory is a small and sensitive device so it should dealt with care.

Some important tips for upgrading computer memory:

  • Notebook ought to be switched off while upgrading memory and at the same time removed from any kind of external power supply. It should be make sure that all the noticeable lights of the laptops must be turned off as well.
  • Laptops are slightly divergent from desktop PC’s because in notebook computers memory can be upgraded by a panel situated at the bottom of it. After finding the exact location you need a screwdriver to open it and then analyze the memory that had already exists. It can help you to judge the present memory utilizing by the laptop. It is generally observe at the moment of opening it and typically visible on the front side of memory strips.
  • Now the question comes where the memory strips are located? These are generally wrapped with the little clip by one side. In order to take off the memory already exists simply turn over the clips and drag the memory strip gently from the place it used to grasp. Now if you want to boost up new memory there is for sure vacant space provided , you just need to upgrade the new one  by quietly pushing it just so that it accurately get settled in the slots at the end just close the clips.
  • Once you have done all the procedure screw back the panel and that’s how you will get an upgraded memory in your laptop or Note book computer.
  • Now plug in the laptop switch it on and make sure that memory has properly installed in the laptop. For the desktop PC’s it is necessary to memory should be count down.

In  the case of error repeat the whole scenario as it is mentioned in the above steps and then make sure that weather the memory has installed or not