Have you ever wondered why people often change their ringtones or notification sounds for SMS and other alerts? The reason for this is actually based from several factors that trigger the need and desire of people to make their ringtones different from everyone.


No two people in this world are the same. Even twins that are physically identical to each other cannot be considered as equal or the same in terms of their interests and personality. That is why people have different styles and choose the different products and services that match their tastes. Because everyone is different from one another then it is only reasonable for people to think and feel that they need to be unique in everything that they do or to put it in another way, no one wants to be branded with the “general label”. All of these are the reasons why people want to change their ringtones from the default ones that are already pre-formatted in their smart phones because they want to be different and unique from everybody.

Current Trends or Craze

Another factor is that most people often get influenced by what’s the hottest or what’s “in” in the current market. People always want to be on the trend and hate it most when they get left behind on the latest innovations or styles. Many of us feel proud or happy when people hear our ringtones that are from the latest trends or the current and popular. Sometimes, it doesn’t even matter if the person or individual who owns the smart phones care or really like the latest songs or music as long as it’s perceived to what’s predominant and popular among the general crowd.

Need to “fit in”

No one wants to be alone and every one of us dreams to be accepted into a group or to be considered as a part of something. That’s why most people change their iPhone ringtones for the reason that everybody’s doing it, so I should do too. This is sometimes referred to as the “bandwagon effect” where people do or buy certain things just because other people are buying or doing it.

Happiness and Satisfaction

The simplest reason that people have for changing their iPhone ringtones is because they are tired of listening or hearing their current ringtones and they want a new one. They might actually hate their current ringtones that they demand the need to replace it so that they’ll be happy and satisfied. The logic is that they own the phone, so every adjustment must be made just to keep them happy because they are the masters of their phones.

Those are just some of the most obvious and general reasons why people change their ringtones often. For this reason, many websites like Audiko.net are providing services and apps that answer this needs and demands. Audiko has a great collection of millions of ringtones that people can choose from and directly download it straight to their smart phones. There are also a lot of apps available on Google Play and Cydia for iPhone users. Now for those people who want to be unique, they can also use the ringtone maker feature that Audiko provides on its website and apps. But actually, the best thing in these ringtone downloaders and makers is that their products and services are absolutely free of charge! Audiko even has no advertisements in their websites which make them look more professional and chic to their users unlike other ringtone downloader sites and ringtone maker software that have a lot of ads which are irritating for the users. So if you’re one of the people who love to change their ringtones for a number of reasons, Audiko.net should be the website you should choose.