The day when full HD resolutions being incorporated in to smart phones will become so common that users will start to get bored of them instantly might finally be upon us in the shortest time span possible. This is because when Samsung held their second Analyst Day, we became witness to the unearthed knowledge that Samsung plans to bring something big to the smart phone table in the next couple of years.

A Taste Of What Is To Come

When we were referring to something big, we were not hinting at the fact that you will be welcomed with large smart phones because. We already have enough of those in exceeding quantities. What we meant to say what that Samsung will be producing their own custom ARM CPUs and are also planning to start manufacturing displays that are able to give out a maximum of 560 ppi ( pixel per inch ). Long story short, you might be greeted with 4K resolution smart phones by the end of 2014.

During the event, Samsung loudly spoke about how confident they were in working on their own processor. For those of you, who are unaware about this, Samsung had licensed Cortex processors which were presented to them from ARM and were being used in their Exynos chipsets. Similar to Apple and Qualcomm, Samsung has decided to forge their own path, or more precisely their own processors. The similar thing between Samsung, Apple and Qualcomm is that even Samsung is planning to release their 64 bit processors. The first 64 bit processor might be present in their next flagship smart phone which will no doubt be dubbed the Galaxy S 5.

There are a few awards that Samsung should be given credit for. First off, they were the first company to release the world’s first curved display smart phone ( the Samsung Galaxy Round ). This time Samsung might be the world’s first company to ever release smart phones with the 4K resolution. This, in all aspects in not to going to be an easy task because navigating the smart phone with that gigantic resolution is going to need massive processing power. If Samsung keeps on stuffing Snapdragon 800 processors, the experience for users is going to be far below satisfactory. Hopefully, Samsung will bring out efficient and faster processors of their own in the foreseeable future.