In a recent research, Kantar Worldpanel has revealed that half of the mobiles which are sold in Europe are made by Samsung. The research has also shown that it was the strong sales of this Korean firm that Android has been able to take the first position in the list of the most used operating systems. Around 70.4%  mobiles in Europe have Android in them. Remember that the percentage was 61.3% in  the previous year. Android’s biggest rival the iOS by Apple still remains second in this regard as its value is just 17.8% while the newly released Microsoft Windows has third place by scoring 6.8% score.

Android’s different position in US

Although Android has a strong position in Europe but its growth in America is still stuttering. In the US, Apple has signed an expanded distribution agreement with the T-Mobiles which has helped Apple a lot in keeping the growth of Android at bay. Almost 28% of the customers in America plan to buy an iPhone whenever Apple launches a new model of iPhone.

Sony is trying to counter the Samsung’s position in the market

The research has further revealed that the Samsung’s victory in many regions of Europe will might be short lived as Sony is starting to firm its position in many parts of Europe especially through the Xperia mobiles. Xperia Z has successfully attracted many Samsung customers in the UK. Almost 38% users of Xperia were previously Samsung’s customers and the majority of these customers have upgraded from the Galaxy S2. After the relentless growth of two years, Samsung will have to work hard if it really wants its customers to be loyal to it.

Loyalty rate of Samsung’s customers

The loyalty rate of Samsung in Britain is 59% but it is still well short of the Apples score of 79%. The smartphone market in Britain is one of the biggest smartphones market in Europe. As many as 85% of the smart devices sold in Britain during the past quarter were smartphones. This is a world of competition and only those manufacturers survive in the market whose products are unique, low cost and user friendly. Samsung should keep these points in their mind for keeping their 8.8 million customers stick to it.

The research has further shown than the Galaxy S4 release was the most successful one for the Samsung. It is the best selling product of Samsung uptill now. S4 had 10 million sales in its first month of release. It is expected that the release of Galaxy S4 mini, Zoom and Active will further boost the Samsung’s smartphones sales in Europe.