Comparison of all Samsung Galaxy S4

Not one, not two, not three … five. That number, for now – you never fits with Koreans – related models have the “brand” Galaxy S4. As we told you that with the success of this family Samsung had achieved something that everyone would want for themselves: a dynasty recognizable by the public and promises to input an attraction for the consumer even before its release.

With the Samsung Galaxy S4, instead of diversifying denominations, Samsung has chosen to add another name but make it clear to consumers that each of these Galaxy S4 + surname is first a Galaxy S4. But for me that is not always true and perhaps Samsung is abusing “the family”.

Samsung Galaxy S4, the “godfather” of the family

With the third generation managed to position itself as the reference terminal on Android, so the Galaxy S4 was pretty challenging and complicated mission: repeat success just at a time when other major (read: Sony, HTC or even LG) are volunteering to take his throne.

With a more conservative design than expected, the bet did not disappoint. A terminal for high end you want a purebred.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Google Edition, which everyone expected

Sometimes the software or the Android version is a problem for many users. Come spend months and last terminal model is not updated to the latest version. To alleviate these anxious born on Samsung Galaxy S4 Google Edition, a combination, a priori more interesting because it brings the latest Android software Android with latest hardware.

Its price is not subsidized, missing more, but I also lost one of the highlights of the original S4 Galaxy: the strong personalization and custom software Koreans for better terminal to date. You cannot have everything.

Samsung Galaxy white

Samsung Galaxy S4 Active, the family hard

I could have called in another way, because in fact the Korean brand has its own line of resistant terminals, the Xcover, but again takes advantage of Samsung Galaxy S4 brand to offer a solution to almost nail the basic technical specifications of the model “natural “but with a strong and sturdy body.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 Active can get wet, dirty and fall more or less without fear. Just do not expect it to be even as little or as lean as the amazing Galaxy S4, which also loses AMOLED screen to choose an LCD.

Samsung Galaxy Back Side

Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini, Somewhat Less Than One Small Dimension

For me, and I repeat that is personal, the Mini has been a kind of bastard children of the respective parent Galaxy. The Galaxy S3 Mini I found a great midrange terminal but could have picked your own name differentiator. With the S4 Mini me is the same.

It is true that lowering the screen, so what Mini, and also have the same design, but there is also a reduction of benefits and features that are far from being a miniature S4. But that does not mean that is not a major terminal.

samsung galaxy mini and big

Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom, to call it somehow

And we come to that for me is the terminal less deserving family to bear the surname S4. Maybe I could have called S4 Galaxy Mini Zoom, but neither. Low screen, less resolution, thickness and weight far from what for me is the “brand” Galaxy S4.

So the Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom is actually a stranger at home and too different.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom


So you see what I mean when I say that there is enough disparity to be a good avenue family, here is the comparison chart of the main and distinguishing characteristics:

 samsung galaxy comparison