Here we leave a tutorial that will show you step by step and in detail such as rooting the Samsung Galaxy S2 in a very simple way.

Before starting to realize that it make root the Galaxy S2 carries some risks as they could damage the phone, so keep perfectly the guide, and do not forget to make a backup of all your data.

The first is to download the following files and programs:

  • Download and install Kies (if necessary, see Third Step)
  • Download and unzip Odin
  • Download and unzip cfroot
  1. Now if we start with the first step, which will have to put your Galaxy S2 in download mode (download mode) while pressing the power button + Home + Volume Down.


Press until “Warning”.

samsung rooting

When “Warning”, press the Volume Up button.

2. Now connect your phone to pc with usb cable mobile.

3. Initiate Odin, they have to appear a little yellow box at the top left. This means that the program will recognize the device. In case that does not happen, they have to go and install Kies. With that the program anneals the Galaxy S2, once connected close kies and try again in Odin. It is important that Kies is closed before restart Odin.


April. Here clickeen seek PDA and CF Root file downloaded earlier: “CF-Root-SGS2_XX_XEO_LPQ-v5.3-CWM5.tar”.


Then click and expect an instant star. When the process is finished Odin will inform you with the word “Pass”.

samsung rooting

5. Already completed the restart processes your smartphone; now see a small yellow triangle as shown in the image:

samsung rooting

In case your locks S2, this may be because the team is Android version 4.0.4, and this tutorial is made for Android 4.0.3. To solve the drawbacks do the following:

  1. Make wipe, I mean reformatting the computer. By placing an erase wipe device data as Gmail accounts or applications with their settings, rebooting the system to factory settings.
  2. Then follow the same process but with this file CF-Root (for android 4.0.4)

With all the steps and facts they installed two new applications open: CWM and SuperSU. SuperSU open the app and click on Continue to update “SU binary”.

samsung rooting

Then open the other app CWM and you click on “Grant”.

samsung rooting.png