Ask anyone which are the two highest rated smartphone companies in the world and the answer will always be the same. Samsung and Apple have always been each other’s biggest competitors. In fact, some would go so far as to call it rivalry. This rivalry however is not a new. It has been the result of years of competition, with one company always just one step in front or behind the other.

samsung and apple

Despite their rivalry, both the iPhone and Samsung have their own large fan followings. In fact, the fan followings seem to keep getting larger every year according to Meteor. Somehow the other smartphone companies like Motorola and HTC have not even managed gain the same popularity that Samsung and Apple have. This is probably because of the uniqueness and customer appeal that the two companies put forward with their phones.

Comparing the two companies is not an easy job. Apple has stuck to its flagship phones which we know are the various types of iPhones. Samsung however has two types of marketing strategies. Samsung has its own set of flagship phones and it also has a set of smartphones which are more budget friendly. Since not everyone can afford a flagship phone, the budget smartphones are probably one of the reasons why many people prefer the Samsung brand.

Another big difference lies in the operating software that both the companies use. Samsung is famous for its Android version of phones while the iPhones have the iOS. Both software’s have their perks but they also have their differences. The Android smartphones have a classy look and are known for their efficiency. The iOS however has always been simplistic. It is famed for its user friendly interface. In fact, that is one of the things that made the iPhone extremely popular when it launched the iPhone years ago.

The screen of both smartphones has changed over time. If you compare the Samsung smartphones with the iPhones, you will however notice one thing in particular. Some Samsung smartphones have edge to edge beveling for their screens. This accentuates the overall appearance of the phone. The iPhone on the other hand has not ventured into this area yet. There are however rumors that the new iPhone 7 may have it incorporated in it. As far as the battery life goes, both Samsung and Apple have always been able to provide smartphones with a decent battery life. Most of their smartphones last for over a day without needing to be charged.

As far as performance goes, it is hard to differentiate between both the phones. Testing of both phones reveal that they give value for money. The smartphones that Samsung and Apple provide are fast and efficient. The build of the iPhone is known for its metallic finish while Samsung phones have always had a plastic feel to them. Their new launch of the A series however changed the equation as Samsung has come out with a generation of phones with a full metal body.

The Apple iPhone was the first to introduce the fingerprint scanning into their smartphones. Samsung however was not left far behind. However, the difference between Apple and Samsung was that the utility in the iPhone was much better than their Samsung counterparts. Some say that it was because Samsung used less efficient scanners but then again we may never know.

If you compare the apps that both the smartphone offers, then the iPhone wins hands down. The reason being that the iPhone has a larger number of apps that are available to their clientele. Samsung hasn’t really managed to catch up in this department. The iPhone has an even larger amount of accessories available. This is especially true regarding the numerous types of cases that are available for every type of iPhone.

So what’s the final verdict? There is no real verdict! Both Samsung and Apple offer a large variety of smartphones. Yes, they do have their differences but in the end it is all up to you. If you are in the market for a new smartphone, then do your research. Decide what you want in a phone and how much you can afford to spend on it. The answer will be made clear after that!

After all… Logic is the best way to go about choosing a device that you depend on daily!