Gone are the days of traditional phones where you wanted a phone for calls or Communication. This generation Y lives with their smart phone. They start their day with Facebook and probably end up with WhatsApp. Today, an average person checks their smartphone after every 5 seconds. The world has transformed from a “Global” to now a “Social Village”.

The market for Smartphones is the most competitive one where success is not a guarantee. A wild experiment can make you the king or can completely throw you out of the market. With the introduction of Apple’s i6 and Samsung Note 3, the competition is growing at such a fast pace like never before.

Debate.org once had a debate that Is Samsung better than Apple? 49% reported yes, 51% reported no. The reasons viewers gave in favor of Apple or Samsung were;

Apple is better:

The strongest point which supporters of Apple give is Apple is the leader, it is the first one to introduce touch screen smartphones with Apple I-store. Others just saw the opportunity and copied Apple. They relate the sleekness, smartness of Apple unbeatable and promises to support Apple forever.

Ohh Wait, Samsung is not better- It is Awesome:

Here come the supporters of Samsung, who reports Samsung is not a Phone- It’s a life style. If apple introduced I-store, Samsung seems to be the largest producer of Android Phones. Although, Analysts say that Samsung just copied the idea but they also appreciates it copied smartly. Where Samsung provides variety, Apple is dull. Where it comes up with innovation in every up gradation, Apple only increases its size of Phones.

Samsung- Are you joking??

The second point which makes Apple’s ground stronger is the case in which it sued Samsung for stealing its copyrights. The supporters take this as strength and tries to justify Apple was a leader, it is still the Leader and will be the Leader in Market.

The future of Technology:

Ok fine, we the supporters of Samsung own the fact that it did copy the idea. But, Samsung did it quite well. Apart from everything, Samsung is cheap. It provides the same quality with better up gradation, better options at cheaper rates than Apple. Where Apple was in reach of only Professionals, Samsung made it to the way for students and house wives as well.

You will find a lot of opinions similar to these and more aggressive debates on different Social Media forums, but the fact remain same- If you like it, buy it. Whether it is Apple or Samsung, it all depends on your choice and style. Apple can give you brand feeling whereas Samsung is cheaper, much better and possess hell lot of options and widgets.

We have tried best to summaries strengths and weaknesses of both Phones, now it’s all your task. Use your brand, choose the Phone and get connected to Instant World of communication.