Samsung, a head in hardware (HW) and Apple, an organizer in software (SW), are going head to head for subsequently generation smartphone displays. Image class is one of key factors in consumers’ smartphone assortment. It is expected that the two companies’ display technologies will establish the champ and loser.

According to the smartphone industry, Samsung Electronics will relate touch ID-integrated display “Y-OCTA” to the Galaxy S9 to be launched next year, and Apple will start on the iPhone 8 through stretchy OLED (organic light emitting diode) displays for the first time and fill the iPhone 9 by 6.5-inch OLED displays.

Y-OCTA technology improved by Samsung mixes a touch sensor unit on an OLED display component. Combining the two exclusive modules too diminishes the number of parts and cost. This expertise was first initiated in the Galaxy Note 7, but abortive to confirm its worth as the smartphone was stopped soon after its launch. Samsung Display is said to be constructing an additional Y-OCTA manufacturing line in preparation for bulk creation of the Galaxy S9.

In May deliberately Apple positioned a story titled “Samsung’s Next-Gen Note 8 will set up a Dual Lens Camera to assist it better contend with Apple’s iPhone 7 and 8.” I renowned in the description that a Korean report had mentioned that “Samsung had tried to feature a dual-lens camera in the newest flagship Galaxy S8 but the strategy was aborted at the final minute due to high parts prices and plan issues.” Translation: Apple got Samsung by shock through the iPhone 7-Plus dual camera and they were incapable to run a copycat characteristic in time for the S8. Today the Korean press is verifying that certainly Samsung will be inauguratinga dual camera on their innovative Note 8 launching subsequently week.

An innovative Korean statement made available this morning states that “Samsung Electronics has lastly planned to exercise dual camera and started a procedure that will be established to modify cameras that are worn for its Smartphones. It is definite that Galaxy Note 8, which will go on sale in September will be prepared through a dual camera. This is the first time when Samsung Electronics’ Smartphone is prepared through a dual camera.

A latest statement initiating from China’s Zol shares a pretty exciting gossip concerning one of Samsung’s coming handsets, the Galaxy Note 7 edge. “Wait a minute here, PhoneArena. It’s 2016, so Samsung should be taking care of us to the Galaxy Note 6, right”? Well, yes, that’s the reasonable series of the Note array, but rumors have been flying around that Sammy could bounce the “6” and leap straight to “7”.

Anyway, we just took notice of that Samsung could be prepping a dual-lens camera for the Galaxy Note 7 Edge. It is allegedly being furnished by Samsung’s Electro-Mechanics branch, frequently referred to as SEMCO, so it will most likely construct use a amalgamation of Samsung’s individual camera sensors. The dual-cam system will apparently make a entrance on the Note 7 Edge, but we are not precisely definite how’s it going to work or what functionalities it will release.

If the rumor is accurate, then Samsung is most likely getting organized to battle the approaching iPhone 7 Plus/Pro, which could also be gaining a dual-camera setup. Reportedly, that one will permit for lossless optical zoom thanks to a folded telephoto mechanism. Samsung’s next big thing could use its camera scheme to do the similar, but one can’t be sure at this end.

Some of the newest phones to turn up through dual-lens cameras are the Huawei P9 and the LG G5.