Keep your fingers crossed for Samsung Galaxy S4 .Those who will get it, love it!

Samsung Galaxy S4 release date is 24 April. The S4 is somehow smaller than the Galaxy S3 at 136.1 x 69.8mm. It’s a 5-inch handset, which is exactly the same height as its predecessor (5.38 x 2.34 x 0.5 inches).

Being a smart phone, it also appears to be unbelievably thin considering the amount of technology stuffed inside with the Samsung Galaxy S4.

It has a Friendly user interface and it is a real good phone with excellent Camera having slim and compact body with light weight .It has a very large screen .Touch is good but needs a little getting used to of course with a new phone. S4 is much more improved compared to s2 regarding its dual processor.

The charismatic work of the smart phones does not halt here, the new applications designed for this phone open up an entire new realm for its users.

You also get 2GB of RAM, which is twice the amount in the iPhone 5. Using “Smart pause”, the user can pause a video by looking away from the screen “Dual Camera”: so you can take simultaneous photos and videos “Story album” to create a photo album which is personalized around your timeline of special occasions and events with relative information.


“Group Play”: means you can enjoy music, photos and games with those around you. As far as its battery is concerned which is a major issue of all smart phones, S4 packs a fairly huge 2,600MAH pack, up from the 2,100 offering we got on the S3. It will surely need it with such a powerful processor on board.

Additionally, the “Smart Scroll” software analyses the user’s eyes and wrist to scroll through emails and other content.

Similarly, with Air View you don’t have to touch the screen to scroll through menus or preview emails, image galleries or videos. You simply need to hover over them with your finger and its just done with a blink of your eye.

So warm up your pockets to get this spectacular phone, a device for necessity, a device for entertainment, a device to discover and explore and above all a device to stay connected with the rest of the world. So why buy a number of different electronic equipment- a radio, a computer, television or a travel guide, why not all in one- a smart phone?!