Launch of a new phone is always exciting and this time it is New York city where the launch is taking place. It’s safe to say there’s a certain amount of excitement surrounding Samsung’s latest Galaxy S offering the Samsung Galaxy S4.

The S4 is for sure a true ‘life companion’, with marvelous new features that make this phone feel like it’s actually looking after you, making your life easier and better . It learns about you just as much as you learn about it. You’re going to spend hours with this phone happily exploring it.


The S4 is somehow smaller than the Galaxy S3 at 136.1 x 69.8mm. It’s a 5-inch handset, which is exactly the same height as its predecessor (5.38 x 2.34 x 0.5 inches).

S Health:

S Health is one of those features. It helps you to better manage your health by recording your activity, the food you eat and your sleep patterns with the sleep monitor. All for a healthier you and it will keep you conscious as well about your health.

Samsung Smart Pause and Samsung Smart Scroll:

But you will enjoy more when you will explore Samsung Smart Pause and Samsung Smart Scroll. Yes, that’s right; you can actually control the phone with your eyes! Smart Pause means that if you’re watching a video and you happen to look away, it will pause, starting up again once you look back. With Smart Scroll you can scroll up and down without even needing to touch the screen. The Samsung galaxy S4 detects your eyes and the movement of your hand accurately and the page moves accordingly. Isn’t it fabulous!

Air View:

Similarly, with Air View you no longer even need to touch the screen to scroll through the menu or preview emails, image galleries , videos or games, You simply need to hover over them with your finger and just see it within a second.

S Translator:

Another feature that is all about making your life easier and connecting people more is S Translator, it’s an in-built language translator that provides instant translation from speech-to-text and text-to-speech. No more language barriers wherever you happen to be.


The camera is definitely worth a mention too, now at an impressive 13MP, it takes stunning shots. But more than that, you can now take a photo with the front and back cameras at the same time so the one taking pictures ia not left out .The S4 overlaps them so you can be in any pictures you take. And this goes for videos too; film yourself as well as others at the same time with the Dual Camera, this sounds really cool!


The gorgeous 5inch full HD super amole display, makes watching and viewing an absolute pleasure and the highly crafted, super sleek design worth it too.