The latest flagship Smartphone Galaxy S5 from Samsung has been recently launched. This time the company has focused on the demands of user rather than useless publicity stunts. Galaxy S5 is now the most advanced Smartphone in the market. Let’s review this technologically stunning Smartphone and see what’s in it.

galaxy s5

  • Samsung Galaxy S5 Design/Features

The things get interesting when we talk about the features in this set. The company worked really hard to have some standout features in S5. The new Smartphone’s distinguishing feature is fingerprint reader. With the help of this reader you can unlock the phone and also make payments online. Currently there is only availability of Paypal, but in future, more vendors will be added. This reader can also be used for securing data to make it private. Other feature includes heart rate monitor. This will be activated when you press thumb to the sensor residing below the camera. The accuracy of this gadget is not convinced, but surly interesting. It is a 4G phone with super fast downloading speed as users can download from Wifi and 4G connection at the same time.

galaxy s5 fingerprint

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  • Samsung Galaxy S5 Screen


The screen of S5 is impressive and has 5.25-inch screen with soft touch textured back. Galaxy S5 has the same resolution as it was of old Galaxy S4. However, Samsung has dramatically enhanced the picture quality as compared to previous flagship models. Besides, you would love its pure white display and amazingly sharp text. From graphics, resolution and picture quality, Galaxy S5 is with no doubt above every other Smartphone.

galaxys5charcoal BLACK03-580-100

  • Samsung Galaxy S5 Performance

Samsung Galaxy S5 is amazingly fast in processing. It has 2.5 GHz Quad core processor with 2GB of RAM included. So far, this is the fastest android phone in the market. It completes the Sunspider Javascript in just 408ms. The only phone which comes closer to this figure is iPhone 5S, which take 416ms to complete. With Galaxy S5’S dramatically fast speed, its internet browsing is also very swift. Users can surf complicated web pages, get them rendered quickly, and scroll them with moment’s notice. You might never experience even a slightest delay, except the slow internet connection you have. S5 has the storage capacity of 16GB and almost 6GB is already taken up by different apps and system files, so there is only 10GB left for the user. Memory card is supported up to 64GB for people with data in bulk.

  • Samsung Galaxy S5 Camera

S5 has 16MP rear camera, which is the strongest Smartphone having such high resolution camera. It has some new functions such as 4K video recording and autofocus is up to 0.3 seconds. For the delivery of striking pictures with image intensity there is HDR. It also has the ability to view a live preview image.


Finally, in Samsung Galaxy S5, there is selective focus in which you can take images and adjust focus in three ways. The three ways are rear, far and pan. S5 has 2MP camera on the front to make sure HD quality video in video calling.

  • Samsung Galaxy S5 Battery

samsung galaxy s5 battery

Samsung Galaxy S5 comes with 2800mAH battery that is comparatively more than S4. Company claims that the phone will work for 12 hours of looped video. In S4, there were 11 hours instead of 12. In terms of battery timings, users are not satisfied, like it is the case with almost all flagship Smartphone of different brands.

samsung galaxy s5 radio

If you are looking forward to have better camera results, faster processing speed and solid design, then Samsung Galaxy S5 will be all you are looking for.