Samsung Galaxy S5 is the latest flagship smartphone released by Samsung for its customers. This device is running the latest version of Android along with so many features included in it. When any phone has so many features like this one has, so it becomes complicated to identify that how everything is working in the device. Here are some of the tips and tricks which will be helpful for you to use this new smartphone.

  • Sorting Of App Drawer

The app drawer is arranged default in alphabetical order. But you can manipulate the settings according to your desire. Just tap the Menu button from the corner and change your View as to Custom. This menu will give you functionality to add folders to make your apps organized perfectly.

  • Ok Google

In the updated version of Touch Wiz home screen; there is built-in voice search option available for you. If you are able to see the Google search bar, then you can launch the interface by simply saying Ok Google. After that, just tell your device to which person you want to make a call or to send any message. You can also search common questions on Google Now.

  • For Accuracy, Register Fingerprint

In Samsung Galaxy S5, the feature of fingerprint reader is the best way to make your way towards improvement in accuracy. You will have to give eight swipes for getting your print registered.

  • Ultra Power Saving Mode

In your new Samsung Galaxy S5, if you are running out of battery charging and there is no charger available for you near, then there is new feature available for use in the phone named as Ultra power saving mode. This power saving mode will give you substantially more stand by time by keeping your CPU cores shut and blocking of background tasks with the black and white home screen.

  • Disable Built-in Apps

There are some non-removable apps include from the manufactures and the carrier providers which are not usable for common user. There is no way to delete such apps, but you can just disable those apps to stop them from running in the background. Go to the Application Manager from Settings Menu, then swipe to tab of All Apps. For turning of any of the app, just open the app info screen and then tap on turn off.

  • Blocking Mode

By turning this mode on, you will never again get yourself in trouble of getting call from your idiot friend in the late night. In the main system Settings, go to Personalization and under this open Blocking Mode. Here you can decide what kind of notifications like calls, alarms etc. you want to chunk. By using this app, you will not get bothered by getting call except the favorite ones.