The reality that Samsung is functioning on a craggy, Active-branded alternative of its flagship Galaxy S8 smartphone isn’t accurately a shock. The device was supposed as early as April, and pictures and stipulation for the approaching smartphone have previously throughly been leaked.

Still, if you’ve been waiting for different kind of executive confirmation that the S8 Active is genuine, then this by chance posted advertising duplicate from a original AT&T encouragement should assist persuade you (via XDA Developers).


Now, you and I might make a decision to rebrand following impulsively combusting batteries reasoned Samsung to evoke millions of phones, but the South Korean electronics massive is undeterred and fixing through the Galaxy Note name. In an meeting through CNET, Samsung’s chief of mobile D.J. Koh said “I will fetch back an improved, safer and extremely pioneering Note 8.” This one is long-established.


The latest render from renowned tech sleuth Evan Blass (@evleaks) has agreed us, by far, the clearest picture of what the Galaxy Note 8 will seem like. Comparable to the Galaxy S8, the Note 8 delivery sustains approximately non-existent bezels on the left and right, during room up peak for what seems like for a row of cameras and sensors that is unbiased out by a likewise-sized bezel downward on the underneath.

Around back, the major adjustment for the Note 8 is a double stern camera setup that—if it’s the identical one that Samsung itself teased prior this week—will have a 3x optical zoom, amid other facial appearances. This alteration would be appealing noteworthy for a number of causes.

First, the Note 8 would be Samsung’s first phone by a dual rear camera component, which lastly fetches Samsung up to speed through companies together with Apple, LG, and Huawei, all of which have been putting double cams on phones from a number of years.

If there was any anxiety that the Galaxy S8 would resist to locate a grip in 2017 through the discharge of the 10th anniversary iPhone intimidating, those alarms have been relieved in the days, weeks and months subsequent the launch of Samsung’s most recent flagship. On Thursday, cite market investigation firm plan Analytics, The Investor detailed that Samsung has sent over 20 million Galaxy S8 units.

Data accumulated by the firm illustrates that Samsung has sent 278,000 Galaxy S8 phones a day as the phone’s liberate on April 21st. That quantities to 19.8 million consignments through June, which would have completed 20 million shipments a moderately logical anticipation for the closing stages of July.

As The shareholders noted, Samsung’s mobile partition chief Koh Dong-Jin said at a media occasion preceding month that the Galaxy S8 had outperformed the Galaxy S7 by 15% in the identical three-month era subsequent to launch. Then in a consultation call, the company affirmed that S8 sales in some districts have previously doubled S7 sales at the similar time last year, in spite of the S8 initiation a month afterward than the S7.

While Apple is certain to revolve heads and smash records through the iPhone 8/iPhone X/iPhone Pro later this fall, Samsung has completed further than tramp water in the provisional. At this point, it’s anobvious that any worries customers had over the Note 7 disaster have dissolute. And on pinnacle of the Galaxy S8’s achievement, Samsung will attempt to keep the ball continuing when it will bring in the Galaxy Note 8 at an occasion in NYC on August 23rd. Based on what we’ve observed, it could be another smash hit.

The statement goes on maintaining that Samsung has sent around 278,800 units of Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ per day on an average since the sequence launched in April. These statistics appears to be attractive brawny for the S8 series. However, the evaluation is so far to be made through the forerunner Galaxy S7 sequence in the equivalent period, last year. We don’t have the statistics of Galaxy S7 sales for the equal era, last year, but Samsung has maintained that the latest Galaxy S8 series is reasonably additional admired than the Galaxy S7 or succession prior to that.