Best battery life on the market; attractively curved, premium-grade metal and glass design; water and dust proof; lightning-fast dispensation power; well-optimized and elegant software package; fabulous camera and display; immense audio superiority.

UI has various mislaid bits and gimmicks; fingerprint scanner assignment not left-hand friendly; require higher-tier involved storage space (128GB) model; stunning curved glass design can be complicated to hold and may be breakable – a case is optional, which sort of lessen the aesthetics.


A really rather fantastic phone which sets the bar for 2017 very high really. It’s super luxurious, but it’s crammed with remarkable technology and the largely package is extraordinarily valuable to use. Best of all it has astounding battery stamina.

Update: Samsung has commenced concerning an imperative update over-the-air to Galaxy S8 series handsets. The renew aims to fix a DQA issue (Device Quality Agent) which is distressing handsets in the US and Canada following the day-one software restore. The issue possessions that users are incessantly fending off pop-up cautions among a minute and 30 seconds separately which state “DQA maintains stopping”. You can physically update via the Galaxy App Store moreover.

Update: A Samsung Galaxy S8 Active Too? Netflix Confirms It

It has come into view that in spite of both the recent and preceding invention of Samsung Galaxy flagships being waterproof, Samsung still doesn’t want allows to go of the “Active” sub-brand of sturdy and weatherproof phones. Details have seeped out online of the Galaxy S8 Active with the soubriquet Cruiser and the model number SM-G892A. Now, nevertheless, Netflix shows to have ousted the fact that this meticulous model number supports HD brooked by referencing it in a sustained document.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 Active has currently established its Wi-Fi certification from the Wi-Fi Alliance (WFA). The documentation just repeats that the Galaxy S8 Active is happening and, given these things frequently occurs closer towards the release date (along with Bluetooth, FCC approval and so on), proposes the phone will launch soon. It doesn’t provide any other particulars concerning the device, other than what we previously be familiar with about the model number SM-G892A, and that is has Android Nougat aboard.

Last year’s Galaxy S7 EDGE was a incredible appears beast. Ditto the Note 7 previous to that went south. Gradually more, it is Samsung – not Apple – that is foremost the pack with respect to on the whole design and finish.

Sure, Apple’s coming back this year with a rejigged design for its iPhone 8 – a design we’ve been coming up three years to observe. But will it be sufficient to discontinue the double danger of Samsung’s Galaxy S8 and Galaxy Note 8?

Competition is rigid in the Android space at the instant. LG’s G6 has been making a lot of friends since it primary launched, and things will almost surely get crueler in the second half of the year with the release of new Pixel phones, Apple’s iPhones, a new OnePlus release and also notifies from HTC and Android’s smaller, bit-part players.

According to a description from Korean magazine The Investor, the Samsung Galaxy S8 array has advertised five million units universal in fewer than a month. Formally, meticulous figures are being kept under censorship, but the document reports having spoken to a Samsung rep, who said “combined” sales, are “going effortlessly around the sphere” and “are previously beyond 5 million units”. Combined certainly connotation both the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+; previously reports designated there was more or less a 50/50 split in terms of customer attention in the dissimilar size models.


According to The Korea Herald, Samsung has now recognized the red-tint display dilemma and is functioning on a fix; the firm concerned an announcement as follows:

“Because there are some grumbles about the red-tinted screens, we determined to promote the software next week for all Galaxy S8 patrons.”

Samsung also matters commands to its Service Centers concerning the issue, saying, “There will be an supplementary inform to make color amendment more minutely at the ending of April”

Samsung has unconfined one more declaration on the subject of the red-tint OLED exhibit issue whereas performing a consultation call. The company’s announcement was description by Korean foundation The Investor. Samsung exposed it has commenced examination of Galaxy S8 units, most probably red-tinted screen models came back by premature adopters in Korea. The firm said that in light of these assessments it ruins certain about the handset excellence and its quality control for manufacture.

As of April 27, Samsung has now begun rolling out the assured modernize to fix the red-tint screen topic. The update has preliminary hallway in Samsung’s home section of South Korea, where the crisis was first perceived and where allotment of handsets first began. The firm earlier said it would convey the update prior to the end of the month, and it appears it is taking the issue and it’s undertaken quite critically.

“Samsung has actually guaranteed to restore exaggerated devices if their owner isn’t pleased with their colors after pertaining this update,” reports GSMArena.

“Unfortunately the full screen color balance alteration merely works in Adaptive Display mode, so if you desire a standardize setting and the red tint gone, it seems like you’re out of fortune – so you may desire to take benefit of that ‘free substitute assures from Samsung.”

The update starts rolling out in South Korea, but at this time landed in Europe as of April 29. Handsets in the UK and Germany have now started receiving the software update, which is sized at 426MB.

Samsung Galaxy S8+ Review: Design & Build

Good or bad Smartphone illustration design is, certainly, slanted, and it’s quite secure to say that anybody who’s been unenthusiastic by Samsung’s artistic to date is almost certainly not going to be persuaded by the Galaxy S8+.

Likewise, fans of the firm’s previous devices will be now as content with the newest version as they were with what came previous to.

Samsung Galaxy S8+ Review: Battery Life

Long battery life is appealing much the Holy Grail for many Smartphone users now days. There are bounty of flagship-grade smart phones which presents comparatively high-quality battery life, and a few which present outstanding battery life. It’s not too exceptional now to discover devices such as Samsung’s Galaxy Note series, the Huawei Mate 8 and 9, the bigger iPhone Plus models, and Google’s Pixel XL which will still notice you sitting  contentedly at anywhere around the 70%-76% array for the battery charge after surveillance a two hour movie on filled intensity.

This kind of practice tends to explains into being capable to pocket watch films attractive much for eight hours directly on a single charge. Similarly, you tend to end up with a phone that’ll previous days, or even a good hunk of a week if mainly left idling, marking away flanked by 7%-10% per day.

But this will almost surely last a day and a partially at most if you’re like nearly all of us and are frequently giving it a stab for some cause or one more all through your characteristic day. You can convey that down additional once more if we’re discussioning a lot of concentrated stuff like betting.

So where does the Galaxy S8+ and its 3,500mAh system fit into this? Well for the two hour movie test using Mad Max: Fury Road, on full brightness, with the film downloaded to storage space, and Wi-Fi and other connectivity switched off, it went from 100% charge to, get this, 86%. Yes you study that right, a two hour film on bursting brilliance only cost 14% of the battery indict.

Samsung Galaxy S8+ Review: Camera

The much-rumored dual-lens camera for the Galaxy S8+ hasn’t approach to pass, unhappily, which did leave me speculating how much concentration the phone’s imaging abilities would collect.

To be obvious, though, Samsung camera hardware has overwhelmed me for some time currently; the last handful of flagships has forever exercised very accomplished cameras which, for me, had the wonderful amalgamation of “right stuff”.

The Auto facial appearances also appears to be very intellectual in regulating for dissimilar illumination circumstances; abundance of snaps in less-than-ideal light, which on any other phone might come out a bit dreary or distant too over-exposed, appears to regulate and get things just right to make a unbelievable, crunchy photo with outstanding variety and colors which crack.

Samsung Galaxy S8+ Review: Display

Samsung has been living the elongated game as far as exhibit expertise is alarmed. It happening invests greatly in OLED whilst each one else was proverbing it was too knotty or exclusive, yet though numerous could notice it would surpass LCD if done correctly. The compact too ongoing increasing bendable OLED way in front of everybody also and is at present preliminary to harvest the payback of that as a market leader. Rivals such as Apple are at this time seeming to source supple OLED from Samsung’s plants.

Samsung Galaxy S8+ Review: Hardware

Our appraisal unit is the global SM-G955F Galaxy S8+ model, which is the version, motorized by Samsung’s 64-bit Exynos 9 8895 octa-core workstation. This CPU skins four 2.3GHz Exynos M2 “Mongoose” cores and four 1.7GHz RAM Cortex-A53 cores, under ARMv8 microarchitecture on 10nm FinFET semiconductor manufacture. It too sets a Mali-G71 MP20 GPU timepiece at 546MHz and 4GB of LPDDR4X RAM.

All of those visualize words and numbers simmer down to the information that it’s prepared with one of the top three mobile CPU designs in the world at time of initiate. Some news from the states proposes that the US model, running a 10nm Qualcomm Snapdragon 835, is getting somewhat advanced presentation consequences.

But after a convinced point of high-end hardware and the widespread software optimization we’ve seen in current years, it appears to discontinue making a good deal of a divergence; at least as remote as the end user familiarity is troubled.

Certainly, this is the cause that Apple has congested enlightening a great deal of what it models do to its processors amid new iPhone – as long as it continues the equivalent high values of software concert, consumers don’t appear to worry. Other OEMs emerge to be contagious on also.

There were alike obvious difference in presentation among the Galaxy S7’s a variety of processor alternative, once more together Exynos and Snapdragon version. Though, widespread testing by a variety of online professionals and specialists ended up with universal agreements that there wasn’t much in it.

I suppose the identical may revolve out to be accurate here, although logically I should rage this by distinguishing it as an hypothesis, and pointing out the detail that I haven’t had a leave with a Snapdragon supported model; and almost definitely won’t have the occasion to do so with it being a US-exclusive.

Samsung Galaxy S8+ Review: Software & UI

As I outlined above, the performance here is great, this is an incredibly well optimized software package and runs about as well as stock Android Nougat does on the Pixel series.

But it’s not just the performance that impresses; I’ll cover the other good stuff before getting on to my gripes and grumbles.

A lot of the positive points are returning features; things like the Always-On display showing notifications, and the date and time even when the phone sleeps; and it really doesn’t sap your battery life in a noticeable way at all.

Samsung Galaxy S8+ Review: Verdict

Having said the instantly higher than, those few bullet-pointed colic at the end of the UI slice are presently regarding my only abhor with the Galaxy S8+, and they are trivial, Fairly vacillating I’ll gladly confess, and oh so effortlessly seemed past in performance when using this phone on the every day.

By at present you may have gathered I’m rather affectionate of this phone. My generally feeling is very affirmative. I liked using it; I established it uncomplicated and flawless, rather energizing actually. It undergoes considerate and clever, though one or two specks are still glaringly mislaid, we are agreed they’ll be patched in afterward.

From a hardware viewpoint it’s total rhombus. The camera is unbelievable and you actually have to attempt this, even if you’ve no meaning of buying this phone I vigorously give confidence you to get down to a showroom and attempt the camera out if merely to illustrate you what’s probable and what we should be expecting of potential flagships as some variety of baseline. In the interim, on the display and processor front, Samsung keep on to thrust limitations and distribute admirable eminence.