Discover card shoppers be capable of finally use their credit card through Samsung Pay on their phones — two years subsequent to the credit card company announced that the card would come to the system.

A customer service spokesperson for Discover inveterated that customers can at this time add their cards to Samsung Pay. Samsung exposed its mobile payment system in 2015, and Discover announced at the time that hold up for the card would approach in early 2016. Though, that functionality was deferred until at the moment, prompting some complaints from users.

Like Android Pay, Apple Pay, or Google Wallet, Samsung Pay use Near Field Infrastructures to steadily broadcast the card information to a seller. Though, not all vendor have turned on their NFC systems, which can go away customers deduction. To get around this, Samsung Pay also uses a bit called Magnetic Secure communication, which works by means of a usual credit card workstation.

Samsung Pay was believed to effort with Discover cards in 2016 (it was proclaimed in 2015), but the year came and went devoid of support. And that’s no diminutive trouble if you like tap-to-pay purchases. While Discover isn’t the major name in the credit business, it has over 51 million card holders. Appreciatively, that obvious break shows to have closed: Samsung phone proprietor have noticed that Discover support inaudibly went live in current days. We’ve inquired together Samsung and Discover for comment, but Samsung hasn’t rationalized its compatibility list as of this writing. Don’t be amazed if the two are waiting prior to make the news official.

It’s good news if you’re a Discover card vendor, as you won’t have to be fastidious about your preference of phone if you would like to depart the old-school plastic at home. Nevertheless, it’s too huge for Samsung. Both Android Pay and Apple Pay have documented Discover for a while — Samsung may not have been in awful passages devoid of those credit cards, but it surely wasn’t serving its probabilities. Now, it’s a comparatively level playing meadow.

Samsung’s mobile payment service currently finally works by means of Discover cards. This is enormous news for owners of the card, which have been coming up for Samsung Pay support while before time 2016 when it was supposed to go subsist.

More than a year later, Discover users can at this time lastly add their card to Samsung Pay and create acquires with the assist of a smartphone, a Discover spokesperson definited to The Verge.

Using Samsung’s mobile payment service is pretty easy, as all you have to do is put your device next to a payment lethal, approve the obtain through a pin number, an iris scan, or your fingerprint, and stay for the deal to be finished.