This year, on June 20th, Samsung is going to organize an event in London where the company will display its new products. One of those products is likely to be the new Galaxy S4 mini. It is a bit smaller version of Galaxy S4. It will have some mid-range specs of Galaxy S4. It will be available on a bit lower cost. What Samsung wants to do by releasing this mini smartphone is to increases the customers of the company’s flagship smartphone. It will be the same story like what Samsung did with Galaxy S3. After S3’s release, the company released a S3 mini later last year.

Samsung’s strategy:

Samsung’s this strategy seems to be working. They want to keep the maximum share in the Android based mobile market. By releasing mini versions of company’s flagship smartphones, Samsung will saturate the market with quality smartphones of variable sizes, specs and hardware. In this way they will be able to attract the maximum number of the customers. This thing has made it difficult for the other competitors like HTC to increase their number of customers with their modest device portfolios.


Its shape and design is the same as the Galaxy S4. The only thing which distinguishes it from S4 is its size. It has 4.3 inch screen with Super AMOLED display as compared to 5 inch screen of S4. The mini S4 will be a good option for those customers who want something new with latest specs but with some smaller size.

galaxy s4 mini

Smaller size does not mean that Samsung has compromised for the specs of the new smartphone. It will have a 1.7GHz dual core processor with 8GB internal memory. The RAM will of 1.5GB. Besides that, the rear camera will be of 8MP and the secondary camera will be of 1.9MP.

According to Samsung, the mini will have almost the same feathers which its big brother S4 has. Its camera will have features like Sound and Shot, panorama shot and the story album. It will also have applications like Group play, the famous S Translator and WatchON.

Samsung has not yet confirmed anything regarding the price of the upcoming Mini S4 but the customers expect that it will be available on much smaller price so that the people who cannot afford to buy S4 will be able to buy Mini S4 and savor latest mobile phone technology.