A few days ago we reported before in any other medium, the release of the new rates Squirrel Orange contract, two new options that allow you to call a greatly reduced price per minute, and navigate at high speed with a lot of mages, coupled with the possibility of getting a mobile phone to a very competitive price through the installment method, without financial or interest involved, these rates make an interesting option for those users who do not want or can pay the price a terminal.

Below you can see the terminal models available, with the Squirrel 7 and the prices that can be purchased.

Samsung Galaxy S4 for an initial payment of 59 euros and 25 euros per month.

iPhone 5 16 GB for an initial payment of 59 euros and 25 euros per month.

iPhone 4 8GB for 0 euros and 12 euros per month.

Sony Xperia P for an initial payment of 19 euros and 8 euros per month.

Orange Daytona for 9 euros and 6 euros per month.

LG Optimus G for 29 euros and 17 euros per month.

Samsung Galaxy S3 mini for 10 Euros.

The permanence to sign is 24 months, both the rate chosen as the operator.


The rate Squirrel July the new customers can hire a new high, or portability from card or contract, and existing Orange customers who do not have any kind of permanence are current or if you have less than six months and provides call national to 1 cent a minute, text messages to 1 cent, and internet up to 500 MB for EUR 7 monthly fee, taxes not included.

Coming soon mobile operator installment also marketed with the Squirrel 4, but will be more basic models like the Nokia Asha 311 and the Orange Hollywood.