The Xperia SP is a midrange Smartphone from Sony but it still has got some high end features in it. This low price, high featured and most importantly, Android based, provides some stunning features to the user.

 Contrary to Sony Xperia Z’s body which had a rear glass panel on it, this mobile has got a black plastic back. This thing makes it comfortable to hold in your hands. Its frame is made of aluminium and is eye catching. The aluminium frame gives strength to the body of the mobile.

The unique feature of Xperia XP

A unique feature which this mobile is that it has is an antenna on its back. This antenna can produce flash of different colours indicating to the user that if he has received a missed call or a text or something like that. This feature of the mobile is fully customizable and the user can adjust the colour of the antenna according to his choice. Moreover, while playing music from your mobile, the antenna produces light of different colours according to the beat of the music. Also, you can turn off this feature if it feels annoying to you.

Hardware of the mobile

The hardware specifications of this mobile are fully comparable to the very best Smartphones available in the market. Although this gadget has a dual core Snapdragon processor with a RAM of 1 GB but the interesting thing is that this mobile has a clock speed of 1.7 GHz. The amazing clock speed of the mobile makes the web browser speed quite fast as compared to quad core processors in the browser test. The mobile performs its most of tasks quite speedily without consuming much power. Even the heavy sites like BBC News open up in just two seconds without producing any jerky movements. The screen has a resolution of 1,280×720

Xperia SP

Problem with the display

The display of the mobile is very bright, but still I have noticed some imperfections in it. The image quality is not good. According to Sony the mobile has a similar display technology which they have provided in their Bravia TVs. Although the colours are very vibrant and sharp but the problem is that the black colour looks quite dull and more like grey. I placed this mobile with a mobile with AMOLED display and this defect in the display was more visible.

 But thankfully, the mobile has got a good battery life. It has a 2,370mAh battery in it which can last for 7 hours if a video is played on it continuously with the brightness set to half.