In recent era, almost every second person holds an Android device. These devices are getting reputation day by day in the market. But regrettably, there comes dilemma that your device started getting worked slowly. The romance with your devices comes to an end.

But don’t you worry about this predicament, in this article you will be able to make your beloved device working again like a charm as it did in the past.

  1. Update Firmware: By doing this, you will be proficient to have many bugs and errors fixed. Updating firmware ensure you to remove issues which are not aware of yourself. So for smooth working of device, you should update it regularly.
  2. Removing App Cache: After your usage of device, the programs eaten up some system resources and cause time-consuming working of your apps. You can delete cache individually in the menu of apps. But you can also get ease with some free programs to do that. You can find some of them in Google Play Store. Some of the popular apps for this purpose are “App Cache Cleaner” and “Clean Master”. The both software are free to use, so you can enjoy their availability.
  3. Remove Unused Apps: In your device, there will be some apps running in the background unnecessarily. These will be the apps you don’t even know the names or you don’t used them before. Removing these apps will give you more system resources will were eaten by these un-useful apps. You can disable these unwanted apps through settings. You can list your loved app and unseen apps separately and delete the raw material, which will hardly take some minutes to do.
  4. Removing Widgets And Live Wallpapers: We often use widgets to get required information within no time. But there are some limitations for using these widgets, these widgets can slow down your android device. There are many widgets which are very helpful for us but they consume your resources a lot and make your device dull and boring to use. You can increase the speed of device by removing unwanted and un-useful widgets. Here is one of the coolest feature’s of Android device includes live wallpapers. These wallpapers can grounds battery and swiftness of your device. You can change this wallpaper by pressing long on Home screen.
  5. Installing Light App Launcher: Apps launcher organize and manage your home screen with the cooperation of lock screen and other parts of UI. Every Android device arrives with its own app launcher but you can install a third party app launcher. In Google Play Store, there are many launcher apps which after installation change the look and feel of your smart-phone. “Lightning Launcher Home” is best for this purpose because it is fastest in working and easiest to use.
  6. Rooting Your Android Device: Last and risky step to boost working of your android device is rooting. This process will make your phone useful or it might brick your device. But if you have the backup of the root, you can easily restore the official root. In rooting process, you can install Custom Rom in your device. These Roms are mainly versions of android on your device. This process can solve your problem but this process is risky and I personally not recommend this process as this can damage your device and make it dump.