If you are with T-Mobile and are looking for a great deal on your new handset, or if you are a customer of another network provider just browsing to see what else is on offer, you may be surprised at some of the bargains you can get. Popping into a high street store and taking a look around is one option, but the Internet is also a great resource. There is no need to visit several shops to check out the best deal, it is all right there at your fingertips. You can browse the offers before heading into the shop so that you know exactly what you want before you get there.

Once you have decided that you want a contract plan with the best monthly deal on the handset of your choice, go right to the T-Mobile website. The range is amazing.

Samsung Galaxy Ace II

If you have your heart set on the Samsung Galaxy Ace II then T-Mobile are actually offering a choice of deals with this phone. If you pay £10.50 a month you get the handset for free as long as you sign up for a 24 month contract. With that you get 50 minutes of free talk time and 250 free texts every month. If you like to use your mobile Internet then you also have 250MB of data each month too. Overall it’s a great deal for those who use the phone a little and who do not want to be landed with a hefty monthly charge. If you think you might use more calls and texts, then by increasing your monthly charge to £15.50 you can have 100 minutes of free talk time and unlimited text messages every month. This is probably a great plan for teenagers, who seem to prefer texting friends rather than making a call.

Blackberry Z10

Heavy users of the mobile phone, such as business people or students may want to consider the T-Mobile phone deals on offer with the brand new Blackberry Z10. Get these fabulous phones for just £49.99 when you sign up for the 24 month contract costing £36.00 per month; included in this plan is unlimited calls and texts each month and unlimited data usage. On top of all that you also get a whopping 2000 minutes of free call time to other mobile networks within the UK. If you would prefer all that but with unlimited calls to other networks as well, then the monthly charge increases to £41.00 per month. However, with this plan you get the handset for just £29.99.

Something Else?

Having a contract with T-Mobile or any phone network for that matter is the best way to get the latest handsets for a really low price. Buying the handset only, on a brand new phone such as the blackberry could cost you several hundred pounds.  The discounts you receive with a contract plan make the monthly charges really worthwhile. There are deals that have a really low monthly charge which means those on a smaller fixed income can still have the convenience of a mobile phone or smartphone at a really affordable price.