The users of android smartphones love widgets. We also adore them. But there are not all widgets useful for us as we think. There are some widgets for looking pretty like clocks, some give us information like weather and some are actually doing stuff. In the last category, we have toggle and switch widgets included. These widgets are useful for users to get instant access to number of core system functions included in your android device. These widgets include icons for screen brightness, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and volume control, you can simply access them by tapping on their icon showing on your home screen.

  • Switch Pro Widget

Previously, there was only one application in the Google Play Store for cost of 1$ to let users add toggles to their home screens. But now there are many options available for you including this one too. This widget app includes great features like adding tons of toggle icons in a very small space. Generally, toggle apps allows user to add 4 icons in a row, but switch pro widget allow the users to add nine to ten toggle icons in a row.

  • Toggle Widgets Pack

If you are looking for one or two toggles instead of bunch of clusters of system functions, you can download single widget separately as well as pack of toggles like Toggle Widgets Pack. You can put these toggle widgets anywhere on the home screen of your android device.

  • Brightness Level Disc

You will never find anything worse then turning your screen brightness at night from the last used high brightness in the pool side, but at night it will be burning your eyes. You will be happy to find any simple and easy way to transform your screen brightness from low to high and in between these two options. There is Brightness Level Disc available for you which give minimalist circles on your android device home screen.

  • Extended Controls

This app is available for you in just 1$ and its worthy for heavy amount of customization settings included in this toggle widget. You can add widgets to your notification bar and also can easily customize everything including transparency and colors of the icons.

  • Slider Widget

This toggle switch is like Brightness Level Disc, but in this toggle app, there are two step sliders for each option shown to your home screen. It is simple app to use as you will not need to tap the icon which value you want to change like volume level but its close.

  • HD Widgets

The HD widgets application is paid one available in the Google Play Store for 2$. They are gorgeous and pretty easy ones to set up without spending hours on setting everything from scratch. The toggles in this app are of varied sizes, you can choose the one for your need. There are some pre-made switches also present in this app including basic functionalities of the android device.