Are you tired of finding your parcel under the tree every time? One of the biggest problems that you experience with the traditional mailbox is lack of space. This makes the mailbox less secure as anyone can go through your mail. Having a secure mailbox is a top priority for homeowners. Keeping this mind, Mailbox Sentinel 2.2 is designed to provide a great solution to the space problem. In this article, we have shed light on the reasons why you should invest in this state-of-the-art mailbox.

Have a look at the top reasons for upgrading your mailbox.

Will Keep Your Mail Secure

Mailbox Sentinel 2.2 is developed to provide a solution for overloaded mailboxes. The conventional mailboxes are smaller in size. There is a chance that your mailbox may be overflowing with mail, making them insecure. What happens if you are not at home and there is a parcel for you? The mailbox might not have enough space to keep it secure. In such circumstances, Sentinel is an ideal choice. There is enough space for the mailbox to hold plenty of mails. There is a tray for envelopes and magazines while the bottom compartment is for perfect for keeping parcels safe. The mailman can open the front door to keep your mails. Once the mails are in the box it will lock the front door. The door of the mailbox will unlock when it detects your smartphone. The front door will open when you have opened the rear door.

Furthermore, the mailbox is designed to offer security. The body of the mailbox is made using quality and strong materials that will last for longer periods. The design of the mailbox will keep your mails from rainwater as it will not allow rainwater to enter openings.

Enhances the Security of Your House

One of the top reasons to invest in Sentinel 2.2 is that it will keep your house safe. It is designed to guard your mail and house. This is an interactive mailbox that will enable you to communicate with anyone at your door. You can keep your house safe when you are not around because it has a surveillance camera and motion detector. With this mailbox, you can watch all day long what is happening in your house. Moreover, the Mailbox Sentinel will allow you to communicate with anyone at your door.

All in all, Mailbox Sentinel 2.2 is an amazing and wonderful outdoor device that will not only keep your mails safe but your house as well. This IOT device is perfect for adding aesthetics to your house. Click here to know more about this device.