The CES awards had finally been announced and even though most of these awards were given to products sporting the Android operating system, the awards ceremony were off to a flying start. There were several companies who had received awards whom they perceived them as glorious accolades for the several models that they had manufactured. Out of the several companies, the ones which received the most recognition for their released products happened to be none other than Samsung, Sony and Nokia. These 3 companies were the pioneers behind several awards including mobile and other imaging products.

Awards Received

LG received the ‘best mobile handset’ award for its release of the powerful LG G2. Another product which received the exact same award was a product that is not notorious in terms of popularity; it happened to be the Spare One Plus. For the best Innovation category, Sony’s lens style cameras were able to secure an award for the creation of their Q X 10 and the Q X 100, as well as the Vaio Flip PC. In addition to receiving this award, Sony was also proud to receive another award, which belonged to the Digital Imaging category and before you ask, yes, they went to exact same Sony Q X cameras.

Other companies which proudly received the award for the same Digital Imaging Award category happening to be none other than Nokia for their Lumia 1020. The Android powered Samsung Galaxy N X EVIL camera also secured the same award. Moving on to the tablets, Samsung was able to grab three awards; one for the Galaxy Note 10.1 ( the 2014 edition ), one for the Galaxy Note 8.0 and finally, one for the Galaxy Tab 3 8.0. When the gaming console category sprouted, the consoles Ouya and the Madcatz M.O.J.O. received similar awards.

For internal components, Qualcomm was able get a huge smile on its face and accept an award for their incredibly fast Snapdragon 800 chipsets while Broadcom received one for their Ultra HD chipsets. Intel was also able to secure a position of receiving an award for their Atom Z 3000 and their extremely energy efficient yet powerful 4th generation Haswell processors.

Let us not forget that laptops and hybrids were part of the same award receiving categories. Among the winners were the HP’s Elitepad, The Recline 23 Touch Smart, the Slatebook X2, Yoga 2 Pro and Lenovo’s Flex 20, the Aspire S7 ultra book ( Acer ) and Razer’s Razer Blade.