Since Apple has come along with Beat, a lot is roaming around about Apple new plans with this headphone manufacturer. According to a report rolled out by Wall Street Journal shows, Apple is going to merge with Beat soon. The guess points out that Apple is interested in the company’s service of music streaming. Since the start of the year, the sales of music via tunes have short fallen from 13% to 14%. Apple is now moving for a better music experience by revamping its plans of merging with Beat Music.

While talking about its merger one can easily analyze that it makes sense. The Beat Music product has growing demands. According to figures by, current iTunes have 800 million users, while another 40 million have credit cards on file. On the other hand, Beat Music has 250,000 paid subscribers. The reunion between the two services means that users will be able to get access to major music libraries at low rates. Currently Apple is offering its users to buy music tracks at 69 cents, 99 cents or even $1.29. It depends on the pricing. While on the other hand Beats provide the subscription package to US people at $10 per month. Another rumor being heard is that Apple is trying to cut short it to make it more competitive.

However, after the news broke out, the website f Beat Music provisionally went offline. The messages displayed on the site shows, that a technical glitch is because of the large number of people trying to sign up simultaneously for the service. One is not sure, that whether the site is down because of the Wall Street Journal report or any other reason.