As you may be aware of it by now we are seeing more and more banner ads, pop-ups , pre-rolls ,  cold calls and many other type of advertising that are really invading our privacy . Softwares like ad-blocks are crushing it because they allow users to interact with the content they actually want to see without being interrupted by irrelevant ads.

In today’s world the only way to be successful in marketing is to provide an enormous amount of value without stopping people from reaching the content they actually intend to watch. says Alexis Gilli , C.E.O of CreaSwitch : the global marketing agency behind huge companies’  success such as Nike , Toyota or Coca-Cola .

Part of the reason people may feel like they’re seeing more ads is because they’re spending more time consuming media. US adults will spend an average of 12 hours, 5 minutes with major media this year, up from 11 hours, 52 minutes in 2015.

It’s funny how TV viewers disconnect from ads , 99% of the time they will either switch off the tv for a few minutes , switch channel or grap their phone . Yet billions of dollars are being spent on these channels says Howard Brownson – C.M.O of CreaSwitch

Consumers who feel ads are becoming too invasive are taking actions that advertisers should take seriously. Three in 10 US internet users will use an an ad blocker this year. And according to a survey of over 39,400 ad blocking users worldwide by GlobalWebIndex, respondents were most likely to block because they find ads annoying, too numerous and too invasive.

We have decided to stop all ads that we classified as intrusive . This includes : Youtube Pre-rolls , Banner Ads , Pop-ups , some type of influencer marketing that steals the viewer’s time , APP banners .

We believe that doing so will temporarily decrease the short-term ROI of the brands we work with but within a 2 year window these brands will be even more loved by consumers says Gilli.