The day when Facebook, the most famous social site, went live over the internet was a really remarkable day. After its release, it made a tremendous progress and took over the competition by beating all other existing social sites at that time. Today, millions of people spend a quite long time on Facebook, some for a reason and others without a solid reason. But the major point is that they spend their time on sharing photos, commenting on their friend’s shared items and updating their statues frequently in a day. In short, Facebook has become an essential part of every social addict’s life.

 Facebook Newspaper App

By taking this thing in consideration, Facebook is planning to launch a new app on Monday that is named “Newspaper”. The app works pretty much the same like a newspaper and is especially made for iOS users. The main objective of this app is to let you read all the information and stuff from your contacts in a way that you are reading a newspaper.

Features of This App:

You can check out all the updates, photos and videos from your social circle on your smart phone like you used to see any latest information in a newspaper. There would be a “like” “comment” and “share” button on your handset’s screen that let you share the interesting stuff.

Specialized Staff to Operate the App:

This app would be operated by especially hired editorial staff that will manage all the stuff going behind the app to deliver you the most relevant news in your news feed. This time, there are no robot programs or any software to run this app but real human beings that will not only operate the app but also classify the news in different category so that you can pick your favorite news from a collection.

Some Prominent Drawbacks:

The major drawback that you may feel is that there is no option to choose your favorite news like you used to do in RSS feed app. Secondly, the app is available only in iOS and there is no official announcement yet that clarify when it would be available for Android handsets. Another problem for many users to use this app is that this app would be released in US territories and there is still no news that tells how long it will take to bring this app in UK and other regions on the globe.