This Monday, Mozilla Firefox celebrated its 10th anniversary with the introduction of its new developer-centric fir and several other innovative features.

History of Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox was launched in September, 2002 by the name of Firefox 1.0. However, public access of Firefox was given after two years. More than 10 million internet users downloaded the browser in the first month of its official public release in 2004.

Competitive Market Atmosphere

Apple’s Safari and Microsoft’s Internet Explorer were seen the two most web browser in 2004. Initial Mozilla Firefox browser contained innovative extensions, sophisticated, fast and user-friendly design made it popular in the market. Basic web development features in Firefox version 1.0 was considered one of the key features of the web browser. In short, it really hit it off and people did switch their web browsers from Apple’s Safari and internet explorer. It was quite among the users who prefer to use Linux or Windows.

However, Google Chrome based upon its speed, extensions, effective design and web development features took away the lead of Mozilla Firefox but Firefox is still considered one of the best web browsers in the world.

Latest Features of Firefox

Several important features are now introduced in the latest version of Firefox.

  1. DuckDuckGod will be a built-in feature in the Firefox, which is commonly employed for the searching option in Mac, Linux, Windows and Linux.
  2. An innovative feature named as Forget has been introduced in the new browser, which will be responsible clearing out all the currently opened web resources, cookies, history and tab easily.
  3. A retroactive built-in feature is offered to the people, who don’t like to use their internet surfing publicly and want to keep their activities in the hidden mode
  4. Now remote bugging and web application testing can be carried out through its built-in features.

New Developer-Centric Firefox Browser

Web developers are the people for which the new Firefox version is especially designed for! It will facilitate web developers with built-in web developing tools. Although these features were considered for initial assessment almost 12 week ago yet it was released on 10th November, 2014.

Recently Google Chrome and WebKit is considered the most important web browsers for developers but this Firefox edition will definitely going to compete these two browsers in the market.

Happy turning 10, Mozilla! Hope you get what you strive for!