Here is How to Fix Apple iOS 7.1 Touch ID Issue


Latest iOS 7.1 update brought many new features, improvements & bug fixes, does not appear to be proceeding very smoothly. Many users are complaining about troubles using Touch ID in iPhone 5s.

If you also own iPhone 5s and suffering from recognition issues, here is how to fix iOS 7.1 Touch ID problems.

Fix 1: Delete the fingerprint and it again.

  1. Go to Settings > Touch ID & Passcode and enter your passcode. Tap on a print to delete it.
  2. Go to Add a Fingerprint and add a new print to the iPhone 5s.

Fix 2: Restore your iPhone 5s.

  1. If Fix 1 didn’t work, restore your iPhone 5s from a previous backup from your computer or iCloud. Connect your iOS 7.1 device to your computer and select the device within iTunes. Go to Restore iPhone > Restore and Update.
  2. Once restored, delete old prints and enter new ones.

If still didn’t work for you then wait for iOS 7.1.1 or visit Apple store to get it fixed.


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