GoDaddy coupon codes can save you an impressive amount of money when it comes to securing the business hosting your professional website needs. While cheaper shared hosting can work for some smaller websites, GoDaddy’s business hosting plan is optimized to give you the resources you need to survive traffic spikes.

In our last article on we provided a review of GoDaddy’s website security plans. Security is essential for all webmasters who own a business website. In this article provided by the editors of Webhostingology, we look at GoDaddy’s business webhosting plans.

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Why Choose Business Hosting?

Shared hosting is cheap, but it won’t always cut it for a competitive business website. Analytics show time and time again that a slight hiccup in load times will cost you lots of business. This means that in order for your website to compete, it needs server resources devoted to it and it alone.

GoDaddy’s business hosting package combines the power of a Virtual Private Server with the accessibility and affordability of shared hosting. It offers an intuitive user control panel and lots of support for leading CMS and apps. This means that you don’t need to have a lot of web expertise in order to build and maintain a site on a GoDaddy Business plan.

How Does Business Hosting Compare to Shared Hosting?

If your site is used for your business, you’ll notice a pretty nice improvement in site load times and the amount of traffic you can safely handle when upgrading to Business hosting. Despite this, you still get the same fantastic ease of use that shared hosting offers. One major improvement comes in the form of scalability. While it’s not too tough to upgrade a GoDaddy shared hosting plan to a VPS or business plan, it’s even easier to simply add more resources to your growing site when it’s on a business plan to begin with. This means you can effortlessly scale up your site when your digital advertising kicks in.

What Are GoDaddy’s Business Hosting Plans?

GoDaddy offers multiple tiers of business hosting that you can choose from.

“Launch” is about $20 per month and is optimized for hosting several basic sites.

“Enhance” offers a significant upgrade in server resources for just a few dollars more.

The “Grow” plan is $35 month and is perfect for hosting medium-sized e-commerce sites or other projects that need a bit more resources. Use of the GoDaddy promote codes listed at the bottom of the article to save money on your order/

Finally, the “Expand” plan offers a full 4 CPUs and plenty of storage for sites that have lots of scripts and other resources. You could even run a small image hosting site off of the Expand plan.

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