Google surprises customers and investors by signing an agreement with NASA according to which Google takes control of the Moffett Federal Airfield which is located in California. Google aims to take full responsibility of the operations at the airfield, Google has not change its name still, it is under NASA’s name. This lease will last for at least 60 years.

Internet company giant will pay $1.16 billion in rent over 60 years for the property, which also includes golf course, working air field and other buildings. The 1,000-acre site is part of the former Moffett Field Naval Air Station on the San Francisco Peninsula.

According to Nasa the deal will save for them $6.3 million in operation costs and annual maintenance.


Google has planned to invest more than $200 million to add other improvements, including educational facility and a museum that will showcase the history of Silicon Valley and Moffett, according to a NASA statement.