H33t is one of the most popular torrent sites of 2013, belonging to the select list of the 10 most used of the year. But as the saying goes, who does not cry does not suck, and thanks to a claim for HBO, Google removed the main site (H33t.com) from their search results.

H33t makers, although they are not happy with Google’s decision, not too prejudiced believe the matter out. The site owner himself said that historically only one in ten people reach H33t through Google, and that when this situation occurs is because users are looking for other content and what appears to them as a result page details of the content, not the root site.

The problem for those responsible for H33t (and all those who have suffered similar situations) is on the side of the system used by the DMCA to silence these sites: “H33t is convicted before there is judgment.” The owner added: “The freedom of information, freedom of expression and human rights are spectacular concepts but very little meaning until they disappear. And with the money is the same, no matter until you have nothing. For those who lobby against the torrent, it’s all about money. “

H33t might not aspire to be the most important site from torrents listed on the network, but the mere fact that they have been penalized by Google them means something like extra step slightly increase its relevance, something that their owners take lightly enough. On the other hand, cases like this are still making it clear the futility of this witch hunt, so easy to check by just typing “H33t” in Google and revel in the results.