In this new era of technology, anything and everything is actually possible. When Apple can decide to enter into the fields of cellphones, computers and now televisions, it’s not long before Samsung makes hovercrafts and Sony Ericson produces the latest DSLRs. But more importantly, the technological market readily waits for what is new by apple. Even before iOS 8 is launched, people are reading its reviews. Bloggers are subjected to explaining what it has to offer because it is so much in demand. As the apple following increases greatly, apple wishes to make it products more user friendly so that the misconception of apple products being confusing to use eradicates from peoples’ minds.

So what is different in iOS 8?

Well, starting with the newest editions.  The introduction of a smart keyboard that recognizes not only our voice but writing pattern would suggest words on its own. Also, checking the history of words used in the chat and the contact, it will automatically help proposing words to complete sentences using the artificial intelligence of the phone. Moreover, sharing has never been so much fun. iPhone users always enjoy sharing pictures and everything else but with iOS8 it’s going to be a different experience. Let’s say you bought song from iTunes, now you can share it with other members of your family, your contacts, calendar and even applications.

An interesting edition to the iOS world is the health aspect of the new system. Through sensors, your iOS 8 device keeps a check on your health, breathing, heart rate etc. so that it is easier to tell when you are in an abnormal state. You can also better describe your health aspects to a doctor with this state of the art mechanism that is always on high alert and reports if the user is under a stressful situation. Even messaging will have a new feel. Looking at all of the applications used for messages and the importance of voice messages, iOS 8 will allow users to not only use iMessage, but also send voice recordings or short videos. In this way, users won’t have to use other applications but can send pictures, videos and voice messages using messaging itself. Through this way, Apple cancels out the need for extra applications used for such fun purposes.  Also, the edit options on photos also have improved greatly and now pictures can be edited with more options. In iOS 8, it would be easier to locate new as well as old pictures and to share them via many means. iOS 8 is the combination of Apple and all that is new in the market. It will give people an operating system that doesn’t require extra applications because the operating system in itself is sufficient.