iPhone 6 Release Date

It is expected to be launched in September 2014 unless Apple dramatically changes course from its release schedule. It has been whispered that Apple Company will launch Iphone 6 in large screen as a companion to the iPhone 5s. Remember to protect your iPhone though once you have it!

Apple iPhone 6 screen size

According to reports from the Wall Street Journal it is indicated that Apple is experimenting with screens ranging from 4.5- to 6-inches. The latest reports have suggested that Apple’s iPhone 6 will come in two large-screen sizes.

Here is a video from T3 Gadgets Experts:

iPhone 6 Image Gallery – Rumours 

iPhone 6 design

iPhone 6 design


Screen Size - iPhone 6

Screen Size – iPhone 6


iPhone 6 - Transparent

iPhone 6 – Transparent

iPhone 6 - 3d

iPhone 6 – 3d

iPhone 6 - Shape

iPhone 6 – Shape

New iPhone 6 Rumours

New iPhone 6 Rumours

iPhone 6 Design Concepts – More

iphone-6-wrap-around-screen iphone-6-wrap-around-screen-04 iphone-6-usa The-New-iPhone-6 apple-iphone-6-concept iphone-6-concept-new


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