Microsoft puts forward its new and attracting bundle offer in the market through which its users can now avail the facilities of Skype calling, access of Skype’s hotspot through a global hotspot, one year usage of Xbox and Office 365 for just $199.

However, it is important to note that this bundle offer is only for limited time and you can have it if you buy it between November 10, 2014 and January 4, 2015. So those who are interested in availing the decision, you better be purchasing it now! In addition, it can only be purchased from the official retail stores of Microsoft.

How this Offer is Good for You?

This bundle offer will be quite splendid for you if you’re a business owner as you’ll need to use the Skype services and Microsoft Office 365 extensively in your business and you’ll get unlimited usage through this offer. Similarly, the offer will also be wise decision for gamers who like to spend most of their time on Xbox Live Gold and they can even use Microsoft’s VoIP service.

For Current Subscribers

This bundle offer is especially useful for Microsoft’s current subscribers. If you’re already Microsoft’s subscriber, you need not to get into the details of this new bundle offer as you would be getting an extended offer for a full year from Microsoft and guess what the existing subscriber would not have to pay any additional payment for this!

For New Subscribers

The primary purpose of Microsoft’s offer is to attract new subscribers as new subscribers will be getting $100 discount on purchasing the annual subscription of Microsoft. However, new subscriber will also have to spend $330 for a full-fledged annual subscription.

It will obviously take time to see how people will react to the bundle package of Microsoft or the impact of this new bundle offer from Microsoft in the market but it can surely be said that it would surely be able to attract millions of people throughout the world who’re not using Microsoft products and services till now.