After a long journey, TDR has officially opened its first Kiosk + Shop in Brooklyn. TDR repairs all of today’s tech devices. They repair Computers, Phones, Gaming Systems, offers Home and Business IT services and more. The New Brooklyn location is an upgrade move from The Bay Ridge location, and now is located only 3 miles away in the heart of Borough Park Brooklyn by the Maimonides hospital.

Tech Device Repair Is a brand name started in 2013 and has re-branded, now stronger than ever with affiliates across the united states headquartered in NYC. With special experts working to repair special devices, you will be getting quality work and a long lasting fix for your machines.

They are striving to deliver excellence in repairs, where you will never need any more repair issues. They will solve your issues fastest and cheapest. Their lab in Brooklyn provide clean and accurate repairs each and every time. TDR is definitely one of the better repair companies out in the market today. Visit them at 1022 51st Street Brooklyn NY 11219