On January 31, 2019, the US and India based blockchain organization Techracers will change its name to Deqode. The firm will cease operating under the name Techracers as of midnight on January 30, 2019.

‘We have robust history that began when a few of us technical architects and consultants got together and established Techracers. Having the same executives, we ideologically progressed in 2019,’ said Ankur Maheshwari, the director and CEO of Techracers, the company now called Deqode, ‘Hence, we needed a new identity that expressed the years of experience solving complex business challenges, delivering value-based solutions for our customers and providing high-quality digital products that we’re known for.’

Latha Sharma, Chief Marketing Officer of Deqode, said, ‘Deqode expresses what we have become as an organization as well as what we strive to be – a solution provider that transcends the boundaries of traditional information technology companies and decodes business problems with quality solutions, delivered quickly.’

Deqode is a coined word that connotes decoding complex business challenges and delivering quality solutions.

“Not only was Deqode created by one of our own people, but it also turned out to be the name our employees preferred more than five to one over any other names,” said Sharma.

The initiative was led by Techracers’ strategy team, and the name was democratically chosen by a huge majority of solutions engineers of the company. The name was launched in the market by a unique campaign called ‘#CrackTheCode’ where people posted answers of various puzzles set by Deqode’s team.

“#CrackTheCode has reinforced Deqode’s new marketplace positioning and introduce the new brand to our clients, recruits and the public at large,” she added.

The company, formerly known as Techracers, has a new website – www.deqode.com, which, along with details about complete blockchain solutions for enterprises and SMEs, has several important insights and articles about the industry as a whole.

About Deqode

At Deqode, our purpose is to help businesses solve complex problems using new-age technologies. We are industry leaders in blockchain solutions and we leverage our deep industry knowledge and technical expertise to optimise business processes, maximize impact and foster business growth. We are driven by our passion to innovate and create solutions that inspire the future.

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