Twitter has stopped counting the letters in @ replies. The handles won’t be counted in tweet replies and u can express yourself in 140 characters. In tweet by the social media platform it was announced a year ago that Twitter would slowly distance itself from the restriction of tweet characters.  It had said that the media uploads as well as @ replies would not be counted in the 140 characters.

According to new updates it has been rolled out in websites and Smartphone apps for iOS and android that @ replies will not be a part of conversation anymore and users have more characters to express himself. The social networking site was inspired by text messages in start because users could use 160 characters at once.

Exempting Mentions From Total Character Count

To patch this anguish, Twitter, as beforehand mentioned, began exempting an assortment of elements from the total word count, even though associations do still tot up, even today. With the changes to replies now being functional, Twitter’s going to look a bit dissimilar. First off, the username being mentioned will now alight atop a tweet, as a substitute of within, which will free up legroom.


There are two main changes in Twitter made recently:

1: U can see to whom u are replying and u have more characters to use for conversation.

2: When u are reading a conversation, you’ll be able to see names  rather than seeing lots of @usernames at the start of a Tweet.