Respawn do not currently have Titanfall operating at 1080p on Xbox One, but their strategy is to launch a 1080p patch to increase the game’s quality.

Respawn lately verified that Titanfall will not be operating at 1080p on the Xbox One at launch, but it has now been revealed that Respawn plans to launch a 1080p patch that will see Titanfall’s quality enhanced to 1080p.

An AV Group forum member’s publish, released on imgur, recommended that they had verbal to Respawn community administrator Abbie Heppe, who informed them that “they are seeking for 1080p at launch following the Console One patches”.

The Xbox One patch being known as is designed to deal with many of the Xbox One problems.

Respawn has formerly verified that Titanfall was operating at 792p for the beta and said that they desire to have Titanfall operating at a native 900p at launch.

If this rumor is to considered, they may have efficiently overshot that, getting Titanfall up to 1080p for the Xbox One launch.