Blogging in today’s time have improved drastically, with the invention of computers and internet blogging has become more popular day by day as many people are creating their own blog to share their view, ideas and thoughts and write articles to attract people and earn too.

The crucial element to blogging is the traffic. If you want to make your blog known to people then it requires extraneous work to attract huge number of people in order to get your blog noticed. Here are some tips to promote your blog offline:

  1. Create your business cards

Business cards are a more professional way to promote your blog. If you have your own business card then you can add your blog’s URL to your card too. If you don’t have one4, then you can make a creative business card especially for your blog’s business and add your blog’s URL, your social profile and email address too.

  1. Make some Premium Items

Investing a little amount of money to make your blog popular is a good choice. You can print your blog’s name and it’s URL on pens, cups, mouse pads and other items that you can hand people easily and they use it frequently so that it catches their attention.

  1. Print Media

Making your blog’s promotion through print media can also be a good idea.  Writing some sort of description in newspaper, magazines and other related stuff and put a small ad of your blog with some catchy description that attracts people to go and check your blog and read it. Also printing car magnets which are a tool for outdoor advertising can also help you to promote your blog.

  1. In-Person Networking

Another way to promote your blog is to go for in person networking, attending social events, meeting different people and writers in conferences and telling them about your blog will help you to get more traffic.

  1. T-shirts

Another promotional tool that can be used to bring traffic is T-shirt. You can print your blog’s name in a creative and attractive style or can add a picture of any topic that you wrote and write blog’s URL to get attention. Also, giving t- shirts to your friends and colleagues and ask them to wear in casual gathering to promote your blog.

  1. Participating in Trade Shows

Participate in some trade shows that have huge audience which would be interested in your blog.  Speak to the audience and let them know about your blog and your amazing work. Also you can invest in some exhibit space so you can easily show your work and speak about it in front of the audience and gathering more traffic to your blog.