A number of people face this problem of not getting a delivery when they are away from home. The result, in some cases, is missing parcel, which causes a lot of grievance for them. It starts a new full of hassles process of making back and forth calls to the company responsible for delivery. Even then, the chances of getting the missing parcel are low.

If you also frequently face the same issue, here is the solution to home & office pickup and delivery for you. Wondering how this solution will work for you? Find all the answers to your questions right away. Continue reading!

What is eDor?

It is a smart IoT door system. This door is designed in a modular way and can accommodate multiple eBoxes. An eBox is a special box that can contain package delivery in different sizes. With an installation of this special door, you will get delivered products within the door; thus, putting an end to the problem of missing or lost parcels. The delivery guy will have an eKey, which he will use to open the eBox. As soon as the box is opened, the owner of the system will be immediately notified.

Benefits of an eDor

Have a look at some of the benefits of this exceptional door system:

  • It is designed to keep all your parcels safe. Almost any size of the parcel you are getting, it can be adjusted in this box and placed safely.
  • The installation of this door system adds an additional layer of security to your home. Not only it keeps the deliveries safe but the property as well. If it is tempered with, alarm bells ring and the owner is notified instantly.
  • For those who do not have enough space to have a new door system installed, they can get a stand-alone eTETHR installed almost anywhere. It is a multifunctional audio & visual alarm system that connect packages and deliveries that are too bulky.
  • This system is suitable for both commercial and residential settings. It is easy to install and requires no maintenance.
  • It features advanced, state of the art security system. Thus, the safety and security of the packages are
  • This system comes with different customizable options in terms of color, materials, style, security, technology etc.
  • The whole system is completely wireless. Therefore, there will be no hassles of maintaining wires.

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