Online retailing has become very popular over the years. Many customers shop online and many retailers look to sell online. The transaction for retailers may , however, get muddled up sometimes because of too many transactions. This is a problem for many businesses with shops in different areas as well! That is why every business requires a POS system. It has become a must to keep your retailing smooth.

The best POS system for a business to have is the eHopper POS.

The eHopper POS system works on a range of devices. Even if you don’t have eHopper POS hardware, the POS system works on android tablets, iPads, PCs and Poynt terminals. The best part is that the data can be shared amongst the devices so you can process the transactions from any device! Your data will be transferred to another device of yours as well.

Many POS systems are cloud based. While you can always use the internet, the eHopper POS can work offline! You can carry out transactions, refunds, update orders, check your history and details all offline!

You can customise your receipts as you like as well. Whether you want it printed or emailed, the language to use, any order notes, etc. It is absolutely multifunctional. You can even cancel an order and refund it any time of the day. You can refund for a specific product or you can refund the whole order. It also has a cash management system which you can use. You can manage your cash flow, input or subtract the amount, send it to your bank when the batch is over, etc. The Pay ins/Payout method keeps check of the money currently in your system by adding or subtracting.

For more efficiency it even allows you to save the customer’s profile. You can monitor what they buy and when. You can offer them discounts accordingly if they are regular. This way you can literally personalise their service.

Even the pricing of this POS system is flexible! eHopper offers you an Essential Package which literally costs for 0$ and it is limited to one register. It is like a free trial. Another package which eHopper offers is the Freedom Package which costs 39.99$ per month. You can register the Freedom Package on as many and ANY device you want! Plus it contains more features than the Essential package.

eHopper POS system even supports any kind of payment option. Whether its cash or any kind of credit/debit card, even Apple Pay! Make the good choice and buy this system because it makes your life easier!