Email has become one of the essential tools to stay connected and to share ideas and thoughts. Every person either a student or a professional finds email the best way to communicate easily and comfortably. Even finding somebody’s email address today has become so easy,  following are some of the tips that will help you to find some one’s email address if you have lost it or want to get anyone’s

  1. Check previous Email Correspondence

One of the easiest and most common ways is to search the previous mails that are in correspondence. If you have emailed that person before, it’s better to go and find it in the sent items or in previous emails.

  1. Get access to Email Address directories or white pages

Another clever way to get hold of various people’s email addresses for professional use is to use the email directories or white pages. You can easily find people and their email addresses from these and can contact them.

  1. Search the Web

Many people mostly corporate clients, business executives, prefer to make their information accessible to public or to some members. So it’s always a good idea to search on the web regarding a particular person and get his email address. Another option is that you can also go for some social networking sites such as Facebook, twitter and can see their email address too.

  1. Guessing the Email

This step is basically one of the common steps. Some companies provide people email addresses with their names so it’s easy option to guess the name of that person associated with that company and you can have a guess of what would the name be. Sometimes this step works and sometimes it doesn’t but there’s no harm in giving a try.

  1. Search in  Usenet  Newsgroups

Many people engage themselves in part of various discussions, focus groups. So it’s a good idea to search in UseNet newsgroups and find about the person and his email address. Since participants usually provide their detail in such groups.

  1. The use of Business Cards

Using business cards is one of the most professionals and ideal way to keep in touch and stay connected.  If you are searching for some body, it’s better to have a glance at their business card if you have, and there you can find the person’s email address and his other details. Business cards are considered to be the easiest way to get in touch with the people and to get hold of their email so you can easily approach them.

  1. Asking Somebody for their Email Address

The easiest way is to ask people for their email address. This in turn provides you a platform to get connected.