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Reduce Error Percentage

We all tend to make makes when typing to a certain degree. However, the errors made should be negligent. Employers do not want to hire someone who has trouble typing and has a high error percentage when typing. Hence, if you want to be successful and even get promoted, you will need to take free typing lessons with EasyType.Org to reduce your error percentage. Students, stay-at-home moms, kids, and just about everyone can benefit from the free typing course as it aims to instill the ins and outs of typing. There is no better online course that offers free typing out there.

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Typing speed plays a huge role in determining your employability. This is why you should use the “calculate your advantage in dollars” feature on EasyType.Org. It will help you find out what you are worth and how you could worth more. Being able to type faster will boost your value. It is a crucial skill that has become a necessity in the world of today where we spend most of our time on the computer.

Progress from Beginner to Expert

EasyType.Org has created an amazing free typing course that allows you to progress from a beginner typist to an expert one. Besides, it can be frustrating having to continuously look at the keyboard keys to type. This is why the platform is just for you as it teaches you how to use a keyboard so that you can think creatively when writing and not about where the keyboard key is. Use EasyType.Org to become an expert typist. You will learn about where you should place your fingers on the keyboard and how it will help you type faster. The typing lessons begin with the most important basics which every professional typist needs to know.

Use the Typing Speed Test

The first thing that you need to do when you head over to EasyType.Org is to use the typing speed test. As a beginner, you must know what your current typing speed is. Moreover, the typing speed test allows you to continuously monitor your progress as you proceed with the free typing lessons. It does not get better than this.


The key to completing the free typing lessons on EasyType.Org is dedication. You will need to spend some time regularly to train your hands to use the keyboard masterfully. It is an excellent course that will help you become a professional typist.