Dark 1 for CanvasJS – Cartesian Template is one of many sets of charts hosted live on Chart Templates. It applies a dark CanvasJS builtin theme on dozens of scatter, bubble, line and area charts.

You need no programming skills to customize all these charts with simple switch buttons from the left sidebar. To toggle on and off visible parts of the charts, such as legends, axes, titles, tooltips, labels etc.

Turn on the Trackball (with single vertical line), or the Crosshairs (with both vertical and horizontal lines). This feature has been introduced just recently in CanvasJS, but we were already simulating it.

trackball  crosshairs
Switch Show Graph Only and you move from the default left chart below to a much cleaner picture:

spline areas  clean spline areas
Some chart types are not native to CanvasJS, so they are transparently emulated. The MultiColor Line and the Jump Line charts are both calculated and built on the fly with other basic chart types:

multicolor line  jump line
There are many other features that basicaly enhance any chart product (CanvasJS here):

  • legend automatically hidden for single series
  • legend showing initially just the first series and gradually the rest, in interactive manner
  • demo goal/target line or range on many charts
  • negative values displayed with an alternative color
  • nice layout for no data
  • edge cases such as empty points
  • instant switch to a gray color palette
  • data labels and slanted axes labels
  • code comments and better error handling

Continue to play with these switches and, if you like what you see, you can later pay a very small fee to get access to the automatically generated source code for all possible combinations. Your developer will then plug in your own business data, apply some more optional tweaks and publish the charts on your preferred portal.For starters, Chart Templates features a dozen of JavaScript and ASP.NET free and commercial applications. Commercial apps such as CanvasJS may also require a separate license, once your trial period expires.