Technological devices are a blessing, especially the Apple products that are high quality, durable and long lasting. What if you accidently forgot to take out your iPod from your jeans and put your clothes in the laundry or did your younger brother put it in the bath tub? Many of us face similar situations or mishaps where our devices become wet and aren’t functioning properly. Here are some of the tips that can help you make your wet iPhone or iPod work again.

  1. Don’t turn it On Immediately:  If your iPod/iPhone is wet, never ever try to open it immediately because there are high chances that the internal system can burn and can make the condition even worse. If the device is on, then turn if off or lock it immediately to avoid any serious damage.
  1. Try to Shake the Water out:  If you noticed water on the iPhone or iPods, shake the water immediately and if still you are able to see the water on other areas like speakers, headphone jack, dock connector and other areas, try to shake it ASAP and dry the iPhone/ iPod.
  1. Put the rice in:  although it may sound a bit weird but this trick actually works.  First you need to get a zip lock bag to cover you iPhone or iPod which can hold the rice too. Next, put the device in the bag and fill it with uncooked rice so that it can soak water. Leave the bag for few days which will allow rice to get moist and soak water out of the device thus saving your device from getting useless.
  1. Put the device in a warm place: once when you can see the water removed from the outside and needs to get rid of the water from inside, it’s better to keep your iPod or iPhone in a warm place and leave it for few days to soak the water and function properly. Many people go for putting the iPhone or iPod on the top of TV where it can get heat from TV which can help the inside parts to get dry but you can use other ways too.
  1. Take a Risk- Use hair dryer:  although using hair dryer is a risky thing but you have to be very careful while using it. For some it can work and some can end up burning parts due to overheating. It is better to blow the hair dryer on low power and after a day when it got wet. It is better to use slow heat to avoid any wear and tear of sensitive parts due to heating.