Writers are in a need of grammar and punctuation checker tools. Tools that may enhance the writer’s content’s appeal to the audience. Of course using tools helps the writers in multiple ways since they are not always going to proofread again and again to find and eradicate errors, or make changes in their content. With these tools, the writers feel empowered and authority over their own content. Ginger software is one such tool which the writers use pretty often. Even you would have heard the name of the checker. It is a fast online checking and also a downloadable tool.

Ginger Alternatives? Why?

It highlights for the users the grammar, and spelling mistakes they might have made. But not the punctuation errors. Which makes it low on your desire rate. Ginger Software, is great online web based tool but it has its own flaws.  And hence, we should be prepared with an alternative tool on our list that can take its place.

Below we have sketched a list of top 4 alternatives that can easily replace Ginger Software without causing users any troubles. Let’s have a look at them:

  • GrammarLookUp.com
  • Grammarly.com
  • PunctuationCheck.com
  • WhiteSomke.com


A fresh, newly developed and launched free online grammar checker as well as the punctuation checker. GrammarLookUp is the perfect companion you need. Fulfilling all your requirements and that too for free. Accuracy levels are very high with GrammarLookup and its user-friendly environment makes you settle for this tool easily. Try GrammarLookUp once and you will not favor this tool above all other recommendations. Without giving it a second thought it reached to the top of our list. and is rightly deserved so.


Grammarly is Probably the most famous and widely used grammar and punctuation checking tool. The online tool is for free and offers extreme veracity in terms of grammar, punctuation, spelling. Nothing it compromises with when dealing with literary errors. A perfect proofreader that will always be at your aid. We don’t need to write much about Grammarly as the name says it all.


Another free punctuation and grammar checking tool for the writers. Which eases them of all the worries regarding their content’s appearance and readability. A very effective, quick and easy touse tool that comes up to you requirements every time you use. Good user-interface ensures users don’t find it difficult dealing with the tool or face any hurdles in using the tool freely.


WhiteSmoke another grammar checking tool for the convenience of users. It is very simple, unique and easy to install. You won’t find any troubles getting started with it. You will have a profound experience using the whitesmoke. Something that I am writing based on personal experience.

Final Verdict:

Without a doubt, Ginger Software is a powerful tool, but in case you want to know or see what’s better alternative simply follow the list in the order, we have shown. You won’t be disappointed by tools as good as GrammarLookUp or PunctuationCheck or the other two. So what are you waiting for? Get Started now.